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The Shepherd of Ulysses

Nikon NIKON D300S   f/10   1/125 sec

Deep within the cargo hold of the wreck of the Ulysses, a cargo ship that sank by the banks of Gobal island, Egypt, life seems to thrive: thousands of glassfish inhabit the scrap metal that was one a place for goods to deliver. They get shelter and protection there, but from time to time a predator appears. This lionfish shepherded the glassfish before hunting down a few.

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Sha´ab Rumi, Cousteau Precontinent II.


4/8 reviews avg:interesting(average: 4.3) average conditions
max: 40m, visibility: 10-25m , Drift

by liveaboardreef dive wreck divetropical coral reef habitatShark Huge school in open water Huge ray Min 1.5m long Fish

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