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Mother and child and the horror below

Nikon NIKON D300S   f/7.1   1/250 sec

Two safari boats, basking in the Egyptian sun rock gently on the calm surface of the morning Red Sea. But beneath the tranquil scene lies the tomb of hundreds: the wreck of the ill-fated ferry that struck Hyndman reef near midnight on 17 December, 1991. The dive is emotionally challenging, the belongings of those many that perished still fill the holds, one of the bags hold the sign "happy journey". But at the surface all is calm - Cassiopeia, the proud mother seems to show off with her beautiful daughter, Andromeda, who is cherished with sunlight.

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Dirty Rock

Costa Rica, Pacific

2/2 reviews avg:outstanding(average: 5) difficult conditions
max: 40m, visibility: 4-10m , Current

by liveaboardreef dive wall diverocky habitat open water speciesShark Manta ray Huge ray Min 1.5m long Fish Huge school in open water

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