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Canon EOS 7D   f/16   1/160 sec

The carapace of the green turtle has various color patterns that change over time. Hatchlings of C. mydas, like those of other marine turtles, have mostly black carapaces and light-colored plastrons. Carapaces of juveniles turn dark brown to olive, while those of mature adults are either entirely brown, spotted or marbled with variegated rays. Underneath, the turtle´s plastron is hued yellow. C. mydas limbs are dark-colored and lined with yellow, and are usually marked with a large dark brown spot in the center of each appendage. When I take a picture I always try to transmit a feeling to the viewer, and let the picture tell me a story. That requires much time and dedication to each picture, and a great passion for the underwater world. This picture is the result of all this. It needed many hours of patience to get this perfect instant. In most cases there is just one chance for the perfect picture, and you have to be there, prepaired with the finger on the trigger, everything correctly adjusted, waiting for the correct moment.
Camera: Canon 7D; EF tokina 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 fisheye lens; 1/100 sec at ƒ/16; ISO 250; 2x subtronic nova strobes; Subal housing. Location: Tenerife( Canary Islads) Spain

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Sha´ab Quais (Mhal Hal)

Egypt, Red Sea

1/1 reviews avg:outstanding(average: 5) difficult conditions
max: 25m, visibility: 10-25m , Drift

by daily boatreef dive scenic divetropical coral reef habitat rocky habitat open water speciesManta ray Huge ray Turtle Min 1.5m long Fish

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