The born of our DC

September 6. 2012.
A new website with a lot of content- our past in a few words.

We're really proud to announce the born of the It was a long dream to create an English language website about diving which now became true.

If you browse our main sections, the galleries or the dive site directory you'll find plenty of photos and reviews. Well, the DC (DivingisCool) was born 8 years ago, but the DC abbreviation originally meant It was one of the first scuba diving websites in Hungary and it became very popular in a few months. We published hundreds of news and articles and our members uploaded thousands of photos. Many Hungarian underwater photographers and videographers encouraged us to organize online competitions, and we still announce a new subject for them in every single month. Later we started to organize shootout contests in Croatia and Egypt. We regularly wrote about travel experiences, and many friends send to us their articles to publihes. Our visitors shared their reviews and pictures in the dive site directory. The result is a website which became the most popular website amongst Hungarian divers.

We still love to work on the Hungarian DC but on the other hand we had a dream of an English version. We knew it's a challenging task to start a new website about scuba diving. But it was a natural decision simply because we are divers as well and we love to dive. We hope every new visitors will find here interesting articles, many of you will join the online contests and who knows, maybe some of you will come with us to a shootout contest.

Although we worked hard for months a website can't be "perfect". Please if you find any bugs write to us. If you would like ask about our website, our contests or anything feel free to send a mail. Certainly if you are interested in advertising contact us. Please join the community of our new, English speaking DC!
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