How to remove a hook

August 25. 2013.
Cristina Zenato and her friends published videos about removing hooks from sharks.

Cristina Zenato is a well-known shark handler, but she does much more than only feed them. She is an ambassador of shark conservation efforts because many of the sharks species are threatened. But that is not enough for her: she tries to remove all the hooks she sees in the mouth of the sharks. It's a risky job, sometimes she has to be patient, and always has to be careful. Luckily she knows how to handle sharks and succesfully removes hooks. If you want to see, how does she do it, just watch this video:

But there are more complicated "operations" when she needs to put her hands inside the mouth of the patient:

This is what we call a heroic effort. I don't know what the sharks thinks about Cristina and her work but I'm sure all shark lover divers support it!
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