Trash on the bottom

September 11. 2013.
A diver published her footage taken in the Puget Sound.

Some divers choose special subjects while filming underwater. Many photo contests announce special conservation category to draw attention to environmental issue. According to the, a Western Washington woman, Laura James turns her passion for scuba diving into an opportunity to teach others about the environment.

She dives regularly close to Seattle and saw the waters of Puget Sound contain a dirty secret that most people aren’t aware of. The beachgoers don't see the hidden trash on the bottom of the sea. James says there is a growing patch of pollution near one of the storm drains. She has nicknamed it "the monster".

“Anything that can end up on the street and make its way down the grates, coffee cup lids, stir straws," explained James. She believes this trash pile on the seafloor is the result of runoff from storm drains. As an avid diver and videographer she can show the hidden dump site to others. After recording hundres of hours of recordin in Puget Sound she has footage of the beauty and the "beast" of the depth as well.

James works with environmental groups and shares her videos through blogs and websites to teach others about how our trash is impacting marine life. She says after seeing the shots anyone can realize the the animals habitat is actually garbage. That's her goal, that is the reason why she shares her videos. Hopefully more and more people will join her fight against the trash.

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