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Cephalopoda contest winners

January 2. 2014.

The best photos and videos of our monthly contest in 2013 December.

Thanks for everyone for the submitted works! You sent 14 images and 4 snapshots to the contest galleries, and the members of our website chose their favorite ones.
Click for the gallery!

The 2013 Cephalopoda photo contest's winner:
fabiostrazzi - ALIEN IN THE NIGHT (243 pont)

macok - Nautilus (239 points)
Fefe - Head On (165 points)
mikino - Watchful eye (145 points)
Thomasbuvar - Dumbo (119 points)
nme - Cyrano de Octopus (106 points)
Garfield33 - The Lord of the Blue Rings (77 points)
istvanv - New generation (70 points)
Bunny - Ballroom queen (63 points)
Magdi - In the rocks of the shoreline (54 points)
horvathv - Cuttlefish dance (9 points)

The result of the Cephalopoda video snapshot contest:
Garfield33 - Giant octopus builds a house (4.3571 points)

Garfield33 - Metamorphosis (4.1786 points)
Garfield33 - The tiny killer (4.0714 points)
sui - Cuttlefish eggs (3.4643 points)
elche - Midnight Hunter (2.6667 points)
macok - Lembeh night dive (2.5 points)

We would like to congratulate the winners and thanks for everybody who participated! You can learn more about competitions here.

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Egypt, Red Sea

2/4 reviews avg:interesting(average: 3.5) mild conditions
max: 20m, visibility: 10-25m , Drift

by daily boatreef divetropical coral reef habitatHuge ray Min 1.5m long Fish

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