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The mysterious PS squid

January 10. 2014.

Would like to know where the horrifying giant squids come from?

There are thousands, millions of species in the deep ocean what we don't know. Huge and tiny animals are lurking in the depth and only the scientific expeditions discover some of them- except those cases when the dead animals are washed ashore. Everybody shares photos of the mysterious giants of the seas and those who are afraid of the water become horrified. Have a look at the latest infamous photo:

As a diver I wouldn't like to meet a squid like that under water. Luckily, I won't. Nowadays I don't believe what seems too strange, too incredible, so made a search on my own. And I found the original photo. It was taken in Chile, and there is a whale carcass in it. The PhotoShop artist a bit modified the scene and inserted the dead squid. Nice job!

The ocean is exciting in itself. We don't need manipulated images to see how wonderful the world beneath the surface. But many people who 'learn' from silly thrillers and believe in 100 meters long, half shark, half octopus monsters don't notice it's a simple hoax. We, divers should tell them about our real life experiences and maybe someday they'll join us under water instead of sharing the photo of a fake PS-squid.

And if they want to see some real cephalopoda, just check out the gallery of our latest monthly contest's photos and videos. These works are worth much more attention...

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