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Monthly contest 2014

February 2. 2014.

We invite all underwater photographers to join our monthly contest.

This year we announce the regular underwater photo contest of the divecenter.hu and divingiscool.com websites. In this article we publish all the subjects for the year, and the basic rules.

Registration and participation is free. The winning photo is decided by registered members´ votes. The contest is open to anyone.
Submission: by the 15th day of every month
Voting: by the 25th day of every month

The winner of the actual monthly contest is the picture with the most points. We announce an annual winner after the last contest, the Photographer who collects the most points during the year wins.

2014 Subjects

Month Subject Description
February Moray Photos of any kind of morays.
March Black & White Black & White underwater photos.
April Eye Photos of eyes of any kind of underwater animals.
May Conservation Any kind of underwater photos about the human
June Stripes Photos of any kind of underwater animals with stripe pattern.
July Manipulation Digitally modified, altered, creative images.
August Shootout competition
September Self portrait Self portraits (selfies) taken by the photographer under water.
October Big animals Photos of big underwater animals.
November Fun Photos of weird looking animals or funny underwater situations.
December Red Sea Underwater photos taken in the Red Sea.

You can find detailed informations in the Help section.
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1/1 reviews avg:interesting(average: 4) average conditions
max: 23m, visibility: 4-10m

shore divescenic divesandy bottom rocky habitat seagrass habitatSeahorse Huge ray Min 1.5m long Fish Huge school in open water

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