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We proudly announce the
Subsurface Video Snapshot of the Month contest, a monthly underwater video snapshot (maximum 35 seconds long movies) competition, sharing the same subjects as the current Picture of the Month contest. The contestants can upload their work to the video gallery on a dedicated page. There are no minimum requirements (in terms of resolution or compression) for the videos. Although you can upload video snapshots in full HD format, we embed them in SD quality. Registration and participation is free. The winning snapshot is decided upon by registered members´ votes. The contest is open to anyone.

Submission: by the 15th day of every month
Voting: by the 25th day of every month

2013 Subjects

Month Subject Description Winner
January My Favorite picture 2010-2012 Your favourite snapshot what you took under water in 2010, 2011 or 2012. Garfield33
February Wrecks Snapshots of any kind of underwater wrecks. Garfield33
March Turtle Snapshots of any kind of turtles. Garfield33
April Reds Underwater snapshots of red colored animals. Garfield33
May Open competition
June Nudibranch Snapshots of any kind of nudibranch.
July Race Snapshots which shows an underwater "race" or the fast moving of an animal or diver.
August Shootout competition
September Night Shift Snapshots taken during a night dive.
October Pattern Underwater animals with special pattern.
November Corals Snapshots of any kind of warm or cold water corals.
December Cephalopoda Underwater snapshots of octopus or cuttlefish.

The basic rules for every contest: (unless stated for a specific theme)
- The video snapshot must have been shot under water (no aquarium shots)
- The length of the snapshot must be 10-35 seconds
- Every shot of a specific snapshot must be taken during a single dive and must feature the month´s subject
- The maximum number of cuts and transitions in a single snapshot is 4
- The contestant can use any kind of music or sounds (if he owns the copyright or has the permission), but neither is required
- The contestant must not use any kind of video effects except accelerating and slowing the footage
- Showing the title not neccessary but crediting the author is forbidden (the organizers will credit authors AFTER the voting period)

The contest is open only to registered members of our website. Registration is free (we use the email address only for communication, we do not send any offers or newsletters) but the competitor has to accept the rules stated above.
Each member can enter one video snapshot to the contest: on the contest entry form you need to enter the title of your snapshot and the link to the movie. It should be downloadable (from online filehosting services or video-sharing websites like Vimeo) and the admins upload it to the contest’s channel.
Winning entries of previous Video Snapshot of the Month contests are ineligible for reentry. The submitting member, who must own full copyright, is responsible for the uploaded content.
You can´t delete your entry from the contest - the administrators will do it on request.

Registered users of the website may vote during the 10 days long period. Rating starts from 5 (best) to 1 (worst) for each snapshot on the voting page. The snapshot with the highest average rating wins the current contest.

The submitted video snapshots may be used and published only by the organizers and only to announce and promote further SubSurface Snapshot of the Month contests.

2012 Subjects and Results

Month Subject Description Winner
February Scuba Diver Videos snaphots of one or more scuba divers under water. Garfield33
March Crustaceans Crabs, lobsters, crayfish, shrimp, krill or barnacles under water. sui
April Home sweet home Snapshots of underwater animals and their underwater home/habitat. Zook
May Underwater garden Snapshots of habitats which look like above water gardens or plantations. Garfield33
June Predators Snapshots of underwater predators, carnivorous animals. Garfield33
July Natural light Video snapshots taken without any artificial lightning (strobes, torches, etc.) Garfield33
August Special month Our Red Sea liveaboard shoot-out contest´s photos- their points won´t be summarized in the yearly contest.
September Silhouette Snapshots of a subject consisting of the outline and a basically featureless interior. Garfield33
October Freshwater Snapshots taken in any kind of natural freshwater site (no pool photos.) Garfield33
November Spotted Snapshots of animals with spotted pattern. Garfield33
December Close Focus Wide Angle Wide angle shots taken at camera to subject distances of less than about 50cm. Garfield33

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