Red Sea

The warm water sea surrounded by Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, Sudan, Djibouti and Yemen
DC szafari 2014 víz alatti futottak még
A túra azon víz alatti képei jöhetnek ide, amiket nem neveztél a versenyre de egyébként jól sikerült, és szeretnéd megmutatni ...
93 picture by: admin
North Safari 2014
Tiran Island, Ras Mohammed National Park, Gubal Island and north Hurghada. Olympus e-pm1 + Panasonic 8mm fisheye, 2pc Sea & sea ...
36 picture by: Bunny
DC-RSBH Red Sea liveaboard
Some of my favorite photos I took during the trip.
76 picture by: macok
2013 Egypt trip 2. line photos
A túra másodvonalbeli (futottak még kategória) képei. Volt bennük lehetőség, de nem találtattak elég erősnek és vagy technikailag volt velük ...
23 picture by: Bunny
DC-RSBH 2011 All the rest
The photos I didn´t submit to the contest...
48 picture by: macok
Dahab, 2010 november
12 dives with the Lighthouse DC
26 picture by: pygmy
DC-RSBH liveaboard trip 14-21/07/2010
Safaga and Hurghada
40 picture by: Zook
Carcharhinus longimanus
A week aboard the Andromeda, dives with oceanic whitetip sharks
11 picture by: atko
Sudan and the life in the Umbria
Reef and wreck dives.
15 picture by: atko
The beautiful South
The best of the Egyptian Red Sea More photos:
40 picture by: Zook
(Very) Deep South
Liveaboard trip to the Abu Fandera with oceanic whitetip sharks.
19 picture by: elche
Southern Egypt 2008
Wadi Lahami and Marsa Shagra
47 picture by: mobydick
Safaga Safari 2008
Liveaboard trip.
25 picture by: 2twins
Sudan 2008
Sharks, fish and wrecks.
50 picture by: Kékbálna
Safaga Safari 2008
A week long special photo liveaboard trip´s pictures.
34 picture by: Bunny
Sudan 2008
Two weeks long liveaboard trip.
81 picture by: Garfield33
Northern Sudan 2008
Sha´ab Rumi, Quita El Banna, Sanganeb, Umbria
46 picture by: Bunny
...which is easy to reach but hard to leave. Nice night dives, a few stunning reefs and certainly the Blue ...
20 picture by: Zook
Marsa Shagra
Egyptian Red Sea
37 picture by: pista
Marsa Shagra 2007
A week in the eco-lodge.
26 picture by: 2twins
Shagra 2007 May
A trip with my new D80.
13 picture by: Diver
2007 Marsa Shagra
A trip in May. More photos:
25 picture by: Zook
2007 Marsa Shagra

30 picture by: RK853
Hurghada 2007
February trip, bad visibility.
12 picture by: Bunny
St. John´s liveaboard
June and September
13 picture by: hunyi
Marsa Shagra 2006
Special photo trip: Zook (Nikon D200), RK853(Nikon D70), Bunny (Canon S70)
40 picture by: Bunny
Sharm El Sheikh
Sharm and the Ras Muhammad National Park Nikon D70 and Ikelite case, Ikelite Ds125 strobe, Sigma 105mm/2.8, Nikkor 20mm/2.8
18 picture by: RK853
Hurghada 2006 March
Olympus 8080 test
32 picture by: Bunny
Hurghada 2005 December
Canon S70 and Sunpak strobe
29 picture by: Bunny
Brothers 2005 October
A week long liveaboard trip with my new Olympus 7070. Elphistone, Brothers, Salem Express, Panorama Reef, etc.
26 picture by: hunyi
St. John´s 2005
Egyptian Red Sea Deep South
32 picture by: Bunny
Red Sea Best of
I shot them during my trips from 2004
149 picture by: VMiki
Southern Safari 2005
A summer liveaboard trip.
16 picture by: elche
Red Sea liveaboard 2005
Northern route
31 picture by: Kékbálna
Red Sea liveaboard 2003
Deep Southern route from Marsa Alam
32 picture by: Bunny
Hurghada 2005 January
Olympus 5060
31 picture by: elche
Hurghada 2005
A trip in January. Canon A60
32 picture by: Bunny
Hurghada 2004
Nice trip in December, water temperature was 23 Celsius.
16 picture by: Zook
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