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Eastern Atlantic and Western Africa

From Iceland to Cape Town including the Canaries, Azores, Cape Verde, etc
Tenerife - Los Gigantes 2011 June
Canary Islands, Spain
45 picture by: pygmy
South Africa 2006 October
14 picture by: ath
Canary islands round trip, third stage
28 picture by: elche
Canary islands round trip, second stage
25 picture by: elche
Gran Canaria June
Canary islands round trip, first stage
26 picture by: elche
A wonderful holiday in this Atlantic island.
16 picture by: elche
Whale Watching Tenerife
Looking for the pilot whale families.
16 picture by: elche
A week on the most popular member of Canary Islands.
21 picture by: elche
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Rocky Point (island #7)


2/2 reviews avg:interesting(average: 4) average conditions
max: 33m, visibility: 10-25m , Current

by liveaboardreef dive scenic divetropical coral reef habitatShark Turtle

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