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North and South America except Caribbean
Crystal River Florida
The Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge is the only Refuge in the United States dedicated to the preservation and protection ...
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King Springs, Crystal River Florida
Crystal River, Florida Drift Dive
23 picture by: CsabaHUN
Blue Grotto, Williston Florida
http://www.divebluegrotto.com/ Blue Grotto Viznyelo
12 picture by: CsabaHUN
Equador 2008
26 picture by: mobydick
Baja California
Above water
20 picture by: brekkk
Peru and Equador above and under water.
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Tiran, Gordon Reef

Egypt, Red Sea

3/5 reviews avg:interesting(average: 3.6) average conditions
max: 23m, visibility: 10-25m , Current , Drift

by daily boatwall dive wreck divesandy bottom open water species tropical coral reef habitatMin 1.5m long Fish Huge school in open water Shark Huge ray

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