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My Favorite contest winners

February 1. 2013.

The best photos and videos of our monthly contest in 2013 January.

In this month we waited your favorite images and video snapshots from 2010, 2011 or 2012 years. The competitors uploaded 30 photos and 8 snapshots to the contest gallery.

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The 2013 My Favorite 2010-2012 photo contest's results (the photo with the most points won):
mikino - Face to face (170 points)

Darth-Digilog - Sunset Swimming (156 points)
Garfield33 - Vintage Lantern (137 points)
atko - Face to Face (126 points)
nme - Emperor shrimp (88 points)
Kékbálna - The Lord of the House (83 points)
macok - Dishevelled (78 points)
istvanv - Halloween tök (77 points)
Zook - Untitled (74 points)
Thomasbuvar - Closely watched kids (72 points)
tilka - The first turtle (62 points)
csabak - Eye to eye (57 points)
2twins - I love you too (57 points)
Balage - Ice planet (42 points)
B.Brigitta - arrogant turtle ;) (38 points)
elche - Untitled (31 points)
divefoto - Untitled (31 points)
Fefe - Sunrise 2010 (22 points)
csergezerge - Koh Doc Mai (18 points)
Bunny - The Tiger of the Sea - Sandokan! (16 points)
GRobi - Fish spit (16 points)
horvathv - "Look in my eyes" (14 points)
Luciferin - Untitled (12 points)
VRicsi - no picture please (11 points)
Sharky - Portrait (11 points)
apogeo - Pesce scorpione o Pesce cobra (Pterois volitans) (9 points)

The video snapshot contest's results (the snapshot with the highest average rating won):
Garfield33 - Devils' Waltz (4.5652 pont)

OG-Lee - Cheap Dome Port for Sale in Mint Condition (4.3043 pont)
sui - Black Sand, Lembeh (3.2609 pont)
elche - Before Take Off (3.0455 pont)
csergezerge - Manta Koh Bon (2.9524 pont)
Macimiki - I'd like something to eat (2.6957 pont)
Fefe - To the Paradise (2.4762 pont)
yxygan - The Hunt (2.0476 pont)

We would like to congratulate our winners and thanks for everybody who participated! In February our subject is Wrecks: we wait underwater images or snapshots of any kind of wrecks or man made items but no trash. Please send your photos or snapshots until 15th of February in the Competition section, where you can find the detailed rules as well. The registration is free.

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4/7 reviews avg:interesting(average: 4.4) average conditions
max: 26m, visibility: 10-25m

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