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Subsurface 2013 Annual Photo Contest

March 26. 2013.

Submit your photos to our new contest: the registration is free and you can win valuable prizes.

We launched the monthly photo contests a few years ago in the divecenter.hu and last year we translated all the rules to English. Since then many new members sent us photos, and we are happy to see that many of you like the Subsurface monthly contest.

In 2013 January we started to think about a new, annual contest with international jury and prizes. We asked advices of experts, we started to write the rules and guidelines, we contacted potentional sponsors. After a few weeks, thanks to our old and new friends, the contest seemed feasible.
A few days ago we launched the website of the new Subsurface 2013 Annual Photo Contest. You'll find all the necessary information there, the rules, the FAQ and the prize list as well. As it's an underwater photo contest, thanks to our sponsors we can give dive packages to our winners. Have a look at the sponsors' page to see the valuable prizes from Honduras, Egypt, Croatia, the Canary Islands, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

To submit a photo you must register to our website. The registration and the photo submission is free as well. The contest is open to all underwater photographers, we have 3 categories (Open Macro, Open Wide Angle and Compact), and there'll be a public voting too. Don't forget to submit your photos before the 30 April 2013 deadline!

The site of Subsurface 2013 Annual Photo Contest
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Veliki Zid

Croatia (Hrvatska)

3/4 reviews avg:interesting(average: 3.8) average conditions
max: 61m, visibility: 10-25m

by speedboatwall diverocky habitatShark Huge school in open water

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