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Red Sea Shootout 2013

September 30. 2013.

The best photos of the liveaboard trip and shootout contest.

This year we spent a great week aboard the Cassiopeia. We dived the Marsa Alam area, visited some of the most famous dive sites there, the Claudia caverns, the Malahy Reef, the wrecks of Abu Galawa and we swam with sharks at the Elphinstone reef. 17 photographers participated in the shootout contest and our expert jury (Laszlo Elod, Csaba Tokolyi and Daniel Selmeczi) chose the best compact and DSLR portfolios (set of 5 images) and photos.

Best DSLR portfolio
1. István Válóczy

2. Attila Bálint
3. András Pohl
4. Zoltán Zank
5. László Maráczi
6. Károly Szabó

Best compact portfolio
1. Ferenc Lőrincz

2. Tamás Szabó
3. Gábor Simárszki
4. Ilona Hegedűs
5. Rudolf Gonda
6. Klára Gergely
7. Zoltán Kovács
8. Krisztina Kovács
9. Hajnalka Bollog
10. Andrea Dudás
11. Gábor Fodor

Best photo of the Contest, 1st place: István Válóczy - Whirlpool
Best photo of the Contest, 2nd place and Best Compact photo 1st: Ilona Hegedűs - Just blink
Best photo of the Contest, 3rd place: András Pohl - One-armed Emperor shrimp on a big nudi
Best compact photo of the Contest, 2nd place: Klára Gergely - Feathers

Public voting 1st place: Zoltán Zank - Blue Face

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