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Video snapshot of the month contest

2011 Couple

4 video
Two animals of the same kind.

2011 Black and White

7 video
Black and white video snapshots.

2011 Split

5 video
Videos with above and under water shots.

2011 Sun

5 video
Snaphots with direct sunlight or clearly visible rays of light.

2011 Cartilaginous fish

5 video
Sharks, rays etc. - animals from Chondrichthyes.

2011 Shoal

9 video
Snapshots of shoals.

2011 Wrecks

7 video
Any kind of underwater wrecks.

2011 Yellow

4 video
Snapshots of yellow underwater animals.

2011 Eye

3 video
Snaphots of underwater animals´ eyes.

2011 Funny

6 video
Funny underwater situations or animals.

2012 Scuba Diver

8 video
10-35 seconds long video snaphots of one or more scuba divers under water.

2012 Close Focus Wide Angle

5 video
Wide angle shots taken at camera to subject distances of less than about 50cm.

2012 Freshwater

4 video
Snapshots taken in any kind of natural freshwater site (no pool snapshots).

2012 Home sweet home

6 video
Snapshots of underwater animals and their underwater home/habitat.

2012 Spotted

7 video
Snapshots of underwater animals with spotted pattern. Voting deadline: 25 November 2012

2012 Predators

6 video
Video snapshots of underwater predators, carnivorous animals.

2012 Crustaceans

5 video
Crabs, lobsters, crayfish, shrimp, krill or barnacles under water.

2012 Silhouette

5 video
Images of a subject consisting of the outline and a basically featureless interior.

2012 Natural light

7 video
Snapshots taken without any artificial lighting (strobes, torches, etc.)

2012 Underwater garden

4 video
Snapshots of habitats which look like above water gardens or plantations.

2013 Nudibranch

3 video
Underwater snapshots of any kind of nudibranch. Voting deadline 25. Jun. 2013, 21:00 CET

2013 Night shift

3 video
Videos taken during a night dive.

2013 Cephalopoda

6 video
Underwater video snapshots of octopus, squid or cuttlefish.

2013 My favorite 2010-2012

8 video
Your favourite video snapshot what you took under water in 2010, 2011 or 2012.

2013 Coral

4 video
Video snapshots of any kind of warm or cold water corals.

2013 Pattern

2 video
Video snapshots of underwater animals with special pattern.

2013 Wreck

8 video
Videos of any kind of underwater wrecks.

2013 Turtle

6 video
Video snapshots of any kind of turtles.

2013 Race

3 video

2013 Reds

3 video
Underwater snapshots of red colored animals.

2014 Stripes

3 video

2014 Environment

2 video
Any under water shooting, which shows the harmful effects of human activity. No judging or voting.

2014 Moray

3 video
Any underwater snapshot from moray.

2014 Selfie

1 video

2014 Eye

2 video
Video from underwater animal´s eye.
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Big Brother

Egypt, Red Sea

2/2 reviews avg:outstanding(average: 5) difficult conditions
max: 39m, visibility: 10-25m , Current , Drift

by liveaboardwall divetropical coral reef habitat rocky habitatShark Huge school in open water

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