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Red Sea shootout 2012

May 21. 2013.
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The best photos of the summer shootout competition.

Most our new visitors see the announcements of the monthly photo and video contests or the Subsurface 2013 Annual Photo Contest. But in the last few years we organized some great shootout competitions as well, to Croatia and the Egyptian Red Sea.

Our Egyptian liveaboard trips are unique: it's all about underwater photography. We plan the route carefully, avoid diving in crowded spots and try to spend whole days in specific protected areas, where we can do long dives. Our partner is the Cassiopeiasafari, the luxury liveaboard boats and the professional crew made all of our trips unforgottable. This year we will go the Red Sea again in July so we can browse the competition gallery from the last year again. (Or you can have a look of the snapshots we took during the trip.)

In 2012 we chose the northern route: we dived the world famous Ras Mohammed and many wrecks like the Giannis D, the Dunraven, the Ulysses and so on. As usual we announced a competition and in this article we would like to share the best photos of the contest. There were categories for the best porffolios, the best single images, the best compact image and we announced a public voting as well. The winner of the competition was Istvan Valoczy for his exciting portfolio.

The winners of the other categories:

Istvan Valoczy: Sunset by the reef (Best photo of the contest, First place)

Istvan Valoczy: Passport, Visa? (Best photo of the contest, Second place)

Csaba Tokolyi: Lionfish (Best photo of the contest, Third place)

Az írás a következő oldalon folytatódik!

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Madivaru / Manta Point


3/4 reviews avg:outstanding(average: 4.5) average conditions
max: 26m, visibility: 10-25m , Drift , Current

by daily boatwall dive scenic divetropical coral reef habitat rocky habitatManta ray Huge school in open water Shark Huge ray

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