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The best eye picture

May 5. 2014.

The best photos of our monthly contest in 2014 April.

Thanks for everyone for the submitted exciting photos!
You submitted 17 images to the contest gallery, and the members of our website chose their favorite ones.
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A 2014 Eye photo contest's winner:
Thomasbuvar - Shark eye (145 pont)

mikino - The Blue Eye (129 pont)
UWrobert - Homoklakó (122 pont)
divefoto - Cím nélkül (83 pont)
imparo_imparo - golden-eye (76 pont)
Balage - Hidden... (66 pont)
Btomi33 - Fátyolos tekintet (57 pont)
Zook - Colors of the Titan (51 pont)
istvanv - A kék (30 pont)
macok - A lélek tükre (26 pont)
Firehani - Az őrSzem (20 pont)
Bunny - Tears from eye (20 pont)
Fefe - Cím nélkül (17 pont)
elche - Red eye (15 pont)
maxgiorgetta - Eyes in the red sea (7 pont)
sui - Cím nélkül (3 pont)
mike99 - Polip szem (3 pont)

We would like to congratulate our winners and thanks for everybody who participated!

The next month's subject will be the Environment (Any underwater photo, which shows the harmful effects of human activity).

You can learn more about competitions here.


Small Giftun / Police station

Egypt, Red Sea

3/8 reviews avg:interesting(average: 4.1) average conditions
max: 38m, visibility: 10-25m , Drift

by daily boatreef dive wall divetropical coral reef habitatTurtle Min 1.5m long Fish Dolphin

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