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Red Sea Shootout 2014

September 10. 2014.

The best photos of the liveaboard trip and shootout contest.

Every summer we organize an exciting dive trip with the help of our partner, Red Sea Boats Holidays (Cassiopeia safari). This year we visited the beautiful Northern Red Sea and we planned a route from Hurghada to the Tiran Straits. Our trip is not an ordinary trip, it is organized by photographers for photographers! We did more dives in the same area to find the most interesting subjects, so we had the chance to go back to make better shots after seeing the mistakes in the photos we took during the first dives. Also we chose the spots with photographer's eye. We usually prefer those sites where currents and depth don't make our dives difficult and we were able to dive from the big boat without using RIBs.

It's not only a liveaboard trip but a shootout contest as well. 14 photographers deciced to send their works, we asked a set of 5 underwater photos from them. Our expert jury (Laszlo Elod, Daniel Selmeczi, Tamas Szabo) chose the best portfolios and single photos in DSLR and compact categories. We announced a public voting to choose the favorite photo of our visitors as well.

We organize an award ceremony every year where we announce the winners of the categories, and we invite the members of the jury to meet the competitors. For a few days all of us discuss the photos and the jury's decisions, and certainly we start thinking about the next year's trip where we will have the chance to try some new ideas and learn from our mistakes.

Many thanks to the jury members for their work and we are also grateful to our visitors who participated in the public voting. This year the jury's and the voters' favorites were nearly the same- let's see the results!

We had 7-7 competitors with interchangable lens (DSLR and Mirrorless) and compact cameras.

The best collection

DSLR and Mirrorless
1. Tökölyi Csaba 8,33 points
2. Pohl András 8 points
3. Bálint Attila 7,67 points
4. Szabó Károly 6 points
5. Maráczi László 5 points
6. Fodor Gábor 3,67 points
7. Kovács Zoltán Ferenc 3,33 points

Compact category
1. ifj. Lőrincz Ferenc 9 points
2. Gonda Rudolf 8 points
3. Simárszki Gábor 7 points
4. Kovács Krisztina 6 points
5. Gergely Klára 4,67 points
6. Goór Józsefné 4,33 points
7. Bollog Hajnalka 3 points

The best of collection made by Tökölyi Csaba, who is the grand winner of the competiton.

Tökölyi Csaba: Louilla

The best of the show photo

1. Tökölyi Csaba: Louilla
2. Pohl András: Untitled
3. Bálint Attila: Pörgős élet
4. Tökölyi Csaba: Dolphin threesome
5. Pohl András: Untitled
6. ifj. Lőrincz Ferenc: Face to face (The best Compact photo)
7. ifj. Lőrincz Ferenc: Flying free
8. Pohl András: Untitled
9. ifj. Lőrincz Ferenc: Landscape image

ifj. Lőrincz Ferenc: Face to Face

Public voting results:

Tökölyi Csaba - Louilla (98 points)
Pohl András - Untitled (62 points)
Pohl András - Untitled (59 points)
Bálint Attila - Pörgős élet (59 points)
Bálint Attila - Fényfürdőben (48 points)
Pohl András - Untitled (45 points)
Goór Józsefné - Untitled (43 points)


El Fanadir

Egypt, Red Sea

10/19 reviews avg:average(average: 3.4) average conditions
max: 29m, visibility: 10-25m , Drift

by daily boatwall dive scenic divetropical coral reef habitat rocky habitatMin 1.5m long Fish Dolphin Huge school in open water

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