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A new beginning in our contest

July 7. 2016.

We have important news about our monthly underwater photo contest.

We started our monthly photo contest back in 2007- a decade passed since then! We are really proud to see the great photos from photographers all around the world, it's worth browsing the galleries of the 109 contests.

It was a little sad for us when we saw the decline in the number of participiants, and it was even more disappointing to see there are less and less voters. If somebody would invite friends or family to vote to his or her photo, easily would win all contests. Luckily nobody did that but we felt we needed to change the monthly contest.

The June contest was the last where the public votes decided about the winning photo. We are happy to announce the winner of the overall contest from January to June: Ferenc Lorincz had the most votes in the first half of 2016, congratulations!

Let's talk about the future contests! The rules basically the same, every contestant can send one photo to the monthly contest (deadline: 15th in every month). We invited well known underwater photographers to a jury, and they decide about the winner. The choose the best 5 images and the one which get the most points will be the winner of the monthly contest. In July Bela Nasfay, Zsolt Gulyas and Laszlo Elod will be the members of the jury. There will be another overall winner this year, the photographer who will have the most points between July and December.

Certainly our monthly photo contest is open for every underwater photographers in the world. Feel free to send your entries, we will be happy to see if there would be more images in the contests' galleries again. We hope everybody will like the new method!


Quita El Banna


2/3 reviews avg:outstanding(average: 4.3) average conditions
max: 40m, visibility: 10-25m

by liveaboardreef divetropical coral reef habitatShark

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