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Subsurface Picture of the Month contest 2013

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Rules and guidelines

We proudly announce the Subsurface monthly underwater photography contest featuring different subjects each month. Registration and participation is free. The winning photo is decided by registered members´ votes. The contest is open to anyone. Important note: because the voters don´t see the author´s name until the end of the voting, please don´t use any signatures or watermarks in the submitted photo.
(If you look for the Subsurface 2013 Annual Photo contest, you can find its page here.)

Submission: by the 15th day of every month
Voting: by the 25th day of every month

The winner of the actual monthly contest is the picture with the most points. We announce an annual winner after the last contest, the Photographer who collects the most points during the year wins.

Our goal is to encourage underwater photographers to share their work with each other open discussion about them. Hopefully it will help beginners to learn more about techniques as they can seek advice from experts. The Picture of the Month contest started in 2007 with the first years open exclusively to Hungarians. From 2012 we would like to invite foreign photographers so from now all the necessary information to English. Hopefully many of you will send pictures!

2013 Subjects

Month Subject Description Winner
January My Favorite picture 2010-2012 Your favourite image what you took under water in 2010, 2011 or 2012. mikino
February Wrecks Photos of any kind of underwater wrecks. koko
March Turtle Photos of any kind of turtles. Darth-Digilog
April Reds Underwater photos of red colored animals. Garfield33
May Subsurface 2013
June Nudibranch Photos of any kind of nudibranch. pcremone
July Race Images which shows an underwater "race" or the fast moving of an animal or diver. Zook
August Shootout competition
September Night Shift Photos taken during a night dive. mikino
October Pattern Underwater animals with special pattern. macok
November Corals Photos of any kind of warm or cold water corals. mikino
December Cephalopoda Underwater photos of octopus or cuttlefish. fabiostrazzi

The winner in 2013: Miklós Németh (mikino)

The basic rules for every contest: (unless stated for a specific theme)
- Images should show underwater animals/objects, which were taken under water
- Split images are acceptable if the 80 percent of the photo shows the world under water
- The subject of the month must be clearly visible in the image
- The main subject can´t be dead animal
- Images showing harassment of marine environment are disqualified

As stated above, the organizers for can modify these guidelines for themes like environmental awareness, etc.

We allow any kind of image manipulation except deleting or adding objects to the original photo.

Only registered members of our website can participate in the contests. Registration is free (we use the email address only for communication, we do not send any offers or newsletters) but the competitor has to accept the rules stated above.
Each member can upload only one photo to the contest.
Winner of previous picture of the month contests are ineligible for reentry.
The submitting member, who must own full copyright, must have taken the submitted image. You can´t delete your entry from the contest; only the administrators can do it.

- entries can be entered through each contest’s dedicated page
- maximum dimensions are 640x480 pixels. Larger entries will be automatically resized
- title and the description of the entry and be edited by the contestant
- please don´t use a watermark with the author´s name in the photo, because the voters don´t see the names of the photographers until the end of voting.

You can vote for your favorite images during the 10 days long period in every month. Only the registered members of our websie can vote: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th places can be awarded. The 1st place vote means 5 points, the 2nd 4 points, etc.
The voting system is weighted based on the activity (submitting photos and voting) and the past results (image in the best 3, etc.) of members. This means the points of the voters will be multiplied if they send photos regularly or win a monthly contest. We decided to introduce this weighted voting system to encourage all members to be active - send photos and vote. If somebody isn’t active for a while (doesn’t enter the competition or does not vote for a while) will get the default multiplier again. Please avoid voting on your own entries. After voting, the multiplied points are summerized. The image with the most points wins.

The submitted images may be used and published only by the organizers and only to announce and promote further SubSurface Picture of the Month photo contests. All rights remain with the photographer.

You can find the 2012 Results here.

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