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Red Sea

The warm water sea surrounded by Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, Sudan, Djibouti and Yemen
Jordan 2018 underwater
Cedar Pride, C130 Hercules and M42 Duster aka The Tank. 3 dives at nov, 2018.
22 picture by: Bunny
DC szafari 2014 víz alatti futottak még
A túra azon víz alatti képei jöhetnek ide, amiket nem neveztél a versenyre de egyébként jól sikerült, és szeretnéd megmutatni ...
93 picture by: admin
North Safari 2014
Tiran Island, Ras Mohammed National Park, Gubal Island and north Hurghada. Olympus e-pm1 + Panasonic 8mm fisheye, 2pc Sea & sea ...
36 picture by: Bunny
DC-RSBH Red Sea liveaboard
Some of my favorite photos I took during the trip.
76 picture by: macok
2013 Egypt trip 2. line photos
A túra másodvonalbeli (futottak még kategória) képei. Volt bennük lehetőség, de nem találtattak elég erősnek és vagy technikailag volt velük ...
23 picture by: Bunny
DC-RSBH 2011 All the rest
The photos I didn´t submit to the contest...
48 picture by: macok
Dahab, 2010 november
12 dives with the Lighthouse DC
26 picture by: pygmy
DC-RSBH liveaboard trip 14-21/07/2010
Safaga and Hurghada
40 picture by: Zook
Carcharhinus longimanus
A week aboard the Andromeda, dives with oceanic whitetip sharks
11 picture by: atko
Sudan and the life in the Umbria
Reef and wreck dives.
15 picture by: atko
The beautiful South
The best of the Egyptian Red Sea More photos: www.csabatokolyi.com
40 picture by: Zook
(Very) Deep South
Liveaboard trip to the Abu Fandera with oceanic whitetip sharks.
19 picture by: elche
Southern Egypt 2008
Wadi Lahami and Marsa Shagra
47 picture by: mobydick
Safaga Safari 2008
Liveaboard trip.
25 picture by: 2twins
Sudan 2008
Sharks, fish and wrecks.
50 picture by: Kékbálna
Safaga Safari 2008
A week long special photo liveaboard trip´s pictures.
34 picture by: Bunny
Sudan 2008
Two weeks long liveaboard trip.
81 picture by: Garfield33
Northern Sudan 2008
Sha´ab Rumi, Quita El Banna, Sanganeb, Umbria
46 picture by: Bunny
...which is easy to reach but hard to leave. Nice night dives, a few stunning reefs and certainly the Blue ...
20 picture by: Zook
Marsa Shagra
Egyptian Red Sea
37 picture by: pista
Marsa Shagra 2007
A week in the eco-lodge.
26 picture by: 2twins
Shagra 2007 May
A trip with my new D80.
13 picture by: Diver
2007 Marsa Shagra
A trip in May. More photos: www.csabatokolyi.com
25 picture by: Zook
2007 Marsa Shagra

30 picture by: RK853
Hurghada 2007
February trip, bad visibility.
12 picture by: Bunny
St. John´s liveaboard
June and September
13 picture by: hunyi
Marsa Shagra 2006
Special photo trip: Zook (Nikon D200), RK853(Nikon D70), Bunny (Canon S70)
40 picture by: Bunny
Sharm El Sheikh
Sharm and the Ras Muhammad National Park Nikon D70 and Ikelite case, Ikelite Ds125 strobe, Sigma 105mm/2.8, Nikkor 20mm/2.8
18 picture by: RK853
Hurghada 2006 March
Olympus 8080 test
32 picture by: Bunny
Hurghada 2005 December
Canon S70 and Sunpak strobe
29 picture by: Bunny
Brothers 2005 October
A week long liveaboard trip with my new Olympus 7070. Elphistone, Brothers, Salem Express, Panorama Reef, etc.
26 picture by: hunyi
St. John´s 2005
Egyptian Red Sea Deep South
32 picture by: Bunny
Red Sea Best of
I shot them during my trips from 2004
149 picture by: VMiki
Southern Safari 2005
A summer liveaboard trip.
16 picture by: elche
Red Sea liveaboard 2005
Northern route
31 picture by: Kékbálna
Red Sea liveaboard 2003
Deep Southern route from Marsa Alam
32 picture by: Bunny
Hurghada 2005 January
Olympus 5060
31 picture by: elche
Hurghada 2005
A trip in January. Canon A60
32 picture by: Bunny
Hurghada 2004
Nice trip in December, water temperature was 23 Celsius.
16 picture by: Zook
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Fekete-víz / Feketenyéki tó


3/6 reviews avg:outstanding(average: 4.3) average conditions
max: 38m, visibility: 4-10m

shore divewall dive scenic diveseagrass habitat freshwater artifical habitatHuge school in open water Min 1.5m long Fish

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