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Night Shift contest winners

October 2. 2013.

The best photos and videos of our monthly contest in 2013 September.

Thanks for everyone for the submitted great photos! You sent 15 images and 3 snapshots to the contest galleries, and the members of our website chose their favorite ones..

Click for the gallery.

The 2013 Night Shift photo contest's winner:
mikino - Cronaid rool (196 points)

divefoto - Untitled (146 points)
nme - Untitled (138 points)
SeaPhoto - Octopus´s garden (112 points)
macok - Untitled (104 points)
Zook - Face to face (75 points)
Garfield33 - Shy Guy (73 points)
Thomasbuvar - Free to kiss!... (64 points)
istvanv - Boss, the photographer is coming! (55 points)
Btomi33 - Midnight hunter (53 points)
kzoli - Sudden meeting (38 points)

The result of the Night Shift video snapshot contest:
Garfield33 - On a Stormy Night (4.5882 points)

elche - Busy claws (3.0588 points)
dumber - Night dive without a torch (1.9412 points)

We would like to congratulate our winners and thanks for everybody who participated! In October our next subject will be the Pattern. You can learn more about competitions here.

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Fekete-víz / Feketenyéki tó


3/5 reviews avg:outstanding(average: 4.4) average conditions
max: 38m, visibility: 4-10m

shore divewall dive scenic diveseagrass habitat freshwater artifical habitatHuge school in open water Min 1.5m long Fish

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